On September 8, 2023, at 7 p.m., a fashion show-event called “SHANGHAI FASHION DAY,” a major international event related to the 2023 World Design Cities Conference (WDCC), was held at Palazzo Serbelloni in Corso Venezia, Milan. The unique style and creativity of Shanghainese fashion once again captured the attention of the international fashion industry. “Shanghai Fashion Day” thus landed on the fantastic international fashion stage in Milan, creating a not-to-be-missed and exclusive event, all within the annual key activities of the “Overseas Promotion of Shanghai Fashion Consumption Excellence.”

Under the leadership of the Shanghai Government Commission of Economy and Informatization, organized by the “Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design – SPCCD” together with the “Shanghai International Fashion Federation”, this event brought together highly talented designers, brands and creative teams from the city of Shanghai, offering a great event under the ‘banner of the beauty and creativity of the city of Shanghai. Distinguished guests from China and Italy attended the event, including Mr. Zhang Lingxiao, Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of Italy, Mr. Yao Liangjun, Consul at the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Milan, Mario Boselli, Honorary President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, President of the Italy China Council Foundation, Alessandra Panico, Vice-President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, Marco Bettin, Secretary General of Italy China Council Foundation, Beppe Pisani, President of CNA Lombardy Region, Luo Zhiwei, Director of Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design and Song Bo, Secretary General of Shanghai International Fashion Federation, representatives of Sino-Italian Center for Design Exchange, Italy China Culture and Fashion Center, Mille Volti, Istituto Marangoni, Designers of international relevance, entrepreneurship and of course important magazines and media from the fashion world such as Vogue IT, MF Fashion, and many others. 

“SHANGHAI FASHION DAY” was held in two parts: an exhibition-exhibition, and a group fashion show. The group fashion show, themed SHANGHAI FASHION SHOW, featured three Shanghainese fashion brands; We Couture, WJX Couture and YIJIA, all special and elegant brands that with precious details made Shanghai style modern. The three brands represented the harmony between Eastern aesthetics and classic Western fashion, creating a style path that aims to create a new vision in international fashion and affirm the ‘importance of Chinese fashion.

The exhibition-exhibit grouped nine design brands all from Shanghai, including WOO, HANART, PACC, DESIGEM, HERBORIST, SHANGHAI VIVE, poa’, Shanghai No.1 National Musical Instruments and RYAN WANG CANDLE. These brands offered a variety of categories: from home decoration to beauty products and jewelry, all conveying the value of traditional Chinese culture but with modern accents and contemporary elements. 

The international event of “Shanghai Fashion Day” also had an important mission, that of a continuous exchange of values and knowledge of the two different cultures China and Italy, a comparison of the design and fashion of the two countries, and the continuous friendly activities for relations between Milan and Shanghai. Shanghai fashion presented itself with great strength and impact on the international stage of Milan, testifying to the boundless beauty and creativity of China.

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