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[img src=]4990Mc Kayla Maroney and Barack Omaba: "Not impressed"
[img src=]2540Albero
[img src=]1750Jafferau - bardonecchia
[img src=]1630Luna piena a Diano Marina
Foto di Walter Pessot. Scattata con macchina Sony Mavica.
[img src=]1420Sculture di Sabbia
[img src=]1150Sculture di Sabbia
[img src=]1110Sculture di Sabbia
[img src=]1200Sculture di Sabbia
[img src=]1010Sculture di Sabbia
[img src=]1781Sculture di Sabbia
[img src=]1760Extreme ironing
[img src=]1480Photographer In The Clouds
(PICTURED: EDOARDO BROTTO IN THE CLOUDS IN THE ITALIAN ALPS) - A photographer was left on cloud nine after a trip to the Alps almost ruined by extreme weather produced these stunning snaps - of him appearing to be stood on a cloud. The mind-boggling optical illusion left keen snapper Matteo Zanvettor, 41, feeling on top of the world as gusts of wind up to 100kmph threatened to derail his trip. But he and pal Edoardo Brotto couldnt believe their luck when the winds whipped up the frozen snow into a frenzy - and made it look just like a cluster of clouds. Matteo, from Merano, Italy, took the incredible images on a trip to the Italian Alps last week and was stunned with the spectacular results. (PICTURE BY©MATTEO ZANVETTOR)PHOTOGRAPH PROVIDED BY IBERPRESS+393358099068
[img src=]1180Street Painting a Londra by Joe Hill
[img src=]1200Bolla di sapone
[img src=]930Addio mondo crudele!
[img src=]1140Civetta
[img src=]1050Io - lei - l'altro
[img src=]870Cute Penguins Holding Hands
It might be chilly outside but this snowy snap of a cute penguin couple holding hands is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts. The perfect pair enjoyed a romantic clinch, opting for a moment of solitude while dozens of other penguins gathered nearby. The heart-warming display of affection took place in Port Lockroy - a natural harbour in the Antarctic Peninsula - and was captured on camera by professional photographer, Silviu Ghetie. The 43-year-old from Baia Mare in Romania usually takes pictures of people but couldnt resist snapping this magic moment while on a photography expedition. PLEASE NOTE MANDATORY BYLINE - PIC BY SILVIU GHETIE / CATERS NEWS / IBERPRESSPHOTOGRAPH PROVIDED BY IBERPRESS+393358099068
[img src=]970Fulmine
[img src=]850Autunno
[img src=]720Canoa
[img src=]700Tower
[img src=]740Mosca
[img src=]780Campagna elettorale
[img src=]840Frase d'amore
[img src=]810Frase d'amore
[img src=]830Frase d'amore
[img src=]820Stranezze dal web - Il tunnel Gelmini secondo Einstein
Fantastica immagine trovata su Facebook
[img src=]880Stranezze dal web - Cat Lee
[img src=]840Stranezze dal web - Una brutta sorpresa...
[img src=]680End war now
[img src=]730Elicotteri
[img src=]650Rospo
[img src=]740Nonna si fuma i 100 anni
[img src=]710Donna indigena
[img src=]740Mulo
[img src=]690Lemuri
[img src=]710Cartello disabili
[img src=]850Gufo
[img src=]830Carote - gambe
[img src=]770Cane
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